February 23, 2009

Very easy to find it right?

Hai... Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera...
We are come back to our blog..
Here, we want to show the sign board to prayer room at Queensbay Mall shopping complex..
First of all, we want to say sorry because we don't have opportunity to upload this picture..
Because we are busy to find the work and life information for the presentation.

In the prayer room.. is very spacious and clean right?

Sign board to prayer room..

Information about prayer room location

In the lif.. Prayer room is level 5.

Very easy right to find the prayer room at Queensbay Mall shopping complex?
That why we all like and enjoy to go that shopping complex..
Thanks to authority of Queensbay Mall management coz arrange the good public prayer room.

February 11, 2009

How many star we should give to this prayer room?

This is Quensbay Mall shopping complex that located in Penang.

++11th Feb 2009++
Quensbay Mall shopping complex have a prayer room to muslims. When we were there, we saw this prayer room more better than Bukit Jambul shopping complex. That prayer room is located at level 3 in Quensbay Mall shopping complex and it's easy to find out because it have many sign board to go there. Actually, the musolla is so clean, comfortable and so large for our muslims to pray there. While we were there, we have chance to use this musolla once, Because, that time is "zohor". At the same time, have many people there to do their responsibility (praying) to Allah S.W.T. We also have an opportunity to interview some of people about that prayer room. Many of them said, they feel comfortable to pray there because that prayer room is clean. Refer to information we got, the authority of management care about prayer room cleanliness. This prayer room have a cleaner to care and make sure it always clean. So, what your opinion about that prayer room? Do you had been there? And how many star we should give to this prayer room? think about that...

February 05, 2009

Really disappointed


That picture shown is real situation "prayer room" at Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex is very bad. That place is very small, smelly, uncomfortable, very fear and far away. I am very sad and shocked while I was there. Beside that, "baju sembahyang" is also dirty and smelly. The environment that not I imagine before. I am really disappointed when I saw that place. I take time to think about that, how the authority of management managed their services to public. Especially to our muslim. Because, that is one of the public place.Is that suitable for our muslim's to do their responsibility (praying) to Allah S.W.T? Is it comfortable for us? Together all of us think about that.