January 22, 2009


Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..(^_^)

First of all, we want to introduce ourself. We are Atikah, Liyana and Aizah (TIZANA) from University Science Malaysia (USM). We are study in Social Science school, majoring in Anthropology and Sociology. We are doing some research about 'Muslim's Prayer Room' or we called it "Musolla @ Surau" and to complete the research we choose Musolla at some public place at Penang on the course globalization, cyber culture and future studies.


  1. hope all of u do more research about it. i hav alot of experince where at very2 big shopping complex such as midvalley,sogo,berjaya time square that hav such small surau n very2 far away to go there.at sogo we cn find surau at B2 where it is at car park..deep inside..we r islam country..rite?..why it is happen?? 4 all of u, i hope u cn find more reason why there r only small surau at shoping complex?go and find more at Bukit jambul..may allah bless all of u!!cayuk!!

  2. I agree with u oyabun..Actually we r in islam country.So, our goverment must give attention about these problem.I think we r wrong while election because we choose the peoples that cannot give fully responsibillity for our society.may Allah bless the people that support our surau our relegion..Takbirr!!

  3. very good job girls...
    two thumbs up for u all...
    please keep going with this research,,,
    there are more mosolla that u need to post out.. actually, this kind of comment will wake up the outhority. that good for everybody.