February 05, 2009

Really disappointed


That picture shown is real situation "prayer room" at Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex is very bad. That place is very small, smelly, uncomfortable, very fear and far away. I am very sad and shocked while I was there. Beside that, "baju sembahyang" is also dirty and smelly. The environment that not I imagine before. I am really disappointed when I saw that place. I take time to think about that, how the authority of management managed their services to public. Especially to our muslim. Because, that is one of the public place.Is that suitable for our muslim's to do their responsibility (praying) to Allah S.W.T? Is it comfortable for us? Together all of us think about that.


  1. yeah..im very2 supported u liyana..

    first time i look at prayer room like this and im very2 shocked when want to capture this picture wif my frenz liyana n aizah. this prayer room not only small, uncomfortable, and a bit smelly but also far away from other shop in Bukit Jambul shopping complex that located at the ground floor at the parking park. its very fear to walk alone to go there especially women.

    hope, the person who have the authority should manage this services kindly because this public prayer room are very important for muslim to do their 'solat'..think before u done..

    ~your gateway to paradise~islamic life~

  2. the management should do something!!they should alwiz clean the prayer room..As we know 'kebersihan sebahagian daripada iman'

  3. Salam..
    I feel some 'geli' kat tempat amik wuduk tue..Nape tak bersihkan?Langsung tak mementingkan kebersihan..
    so, what u want to do? post some surat 4 them?tell bout the dirty that part?

  4. pulak tue xde rak untuk sangkut kain sembahyang tue..
    bukan kah kalau lipat lepas gune kain berbau hapak?
    kain sembahyang pun sikit.kene tunggu turn lah..

  5. as a muslim,must have show a sense of responsibility about it....'thinking'???