February 23, 2009

Very easy to find it right?

Hai... Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera...
We are come back to our blog..
Here, we want to show the sign board to prayer room at Queensbay Mall shopping complex..
First of all, we want to say sorry because we don't have opportunity to upload this picture..
Because we are busy to find the work and life information for the presentation.

In the prayer room.. is very spacious and clean right?

Sign board to prayer room..

Information about prayer room location

In the lif.. Prayer room is level 5.

Very easy right to find the prayer room at Queensbay Mall shopping complex?
That why we all like and enjoy to go that shopping complex..
Thanks to authority of Queensbay Mall management coz arrange the good public prayer room.


  1. Nice job....but for research purposes, i think you should find more sample i.e musolla in shopping complex, market, government building, business centre, sport and recreation complex, hotel etc.... Obviuosly, musolla at Queensbay is better than Bukit Jambul and easy to find. I think it's up to the public to give a comment to the shopping mall's management. It might be because the management seldom or never used that surau and they don't know the condition of the surau because nobody told them. Or it can also because of lack of responsibilities.

  2. salam.......
    memang patut setiap shopping complex menyediakan kemudhn surau kpd pengunjung sepertimana yg terdpt di Queensbay Mall. Signboard yang disediakan memudahkan para pengunjung muslim untuk mencari kedudukan surau di tempat tersebut...

  3. yes..i'm really comfortable when 'singgah' di surau kt queensbay ni..kemas..rasa sejuk mata memandang...