February 11, 2009

How many star we should give to this prayer room?

This is Quensbay Mall shopping complex that located in Penang.

++11th Feb 2009++
Quensbay Mall shopping complex have a prayer room to muslims. When we were there, we saw this prayer room more better than Bukit Jambul shopping complex. That prayer room is located at level 3 in Quensbay Mall shopping complex and it's easy to find out because it have many sign board to go there. Actually, the musolla is so clean, comfortable and so large for our muslims to pray there. While we were there, we have chance to use this musolla once, Because, that time is "zohor". At the same time, have many people there to do their responsibility (praying) to Allah S.W.T. We also have an opportunity to interview some of people about that prayer room. Many of them said, they feel comfortable to pray there because that prayer room is clean. Refer to information we got, the authority of management care about prayer room cleanliness. This prayer room have a cleaner to care and make sure it always clean. So, what your opinion about that prayer room? Do you had been there? And how many star we should give to this prayer room? think about that...


  1. waahhh..
    I like to pray at Qb mall..
    their facilities is good..

  2. 5 star..
    yup i also really satisfied with that surau
    it is clean, big n privacy..
    so overall it is so comfortable..
    those who doesnot have chance to pray there..
    plez go before u regret..he

  3. compared to bukit jambul..huh..a lot of different..5 star versus 1 star i think
    i think bj management should take inisiative to improve the musolla..
    very2 uncomfartable.

    i really like to pray there..
    but long time didnot go there.

  4. I think so,
    i give 5 star becoz that musalla is so comfortable to use for everybody.

  5. kalau aku kt bj, aku prefer smyg kat surau kt taman sg nibong tuh.. tp kena menepak jauh sket la, naik moto dlm 2minit je la.. =)